Legacy of Erken


Henriette Erken is known as one of Norway`s most famous cookbook writers and she was a major contributor to what is now considered the Norwegian food tradition. Erken lived most of here life on Dystingbo, just outside Hamar. Today there is a strong wish to make a food centre and museum dedicated to Erken on the site.

The Norwegian food tradition has changed over the years and we are influenced from across the globe. We have also increased our consumption of meat. It is important to show how much land the different food products take up.  

In this project we wanted to create a food centre that acted as a showpiece for future food production. Erken believed in the concept of a country`s own ability to sustain its food consumption and we have looked into new ways of increasing the production in Norway. The barn has been transformed into a greenhouse and a restaurant. The main building has become a museum and cookbook library. In the other buildings there is a small store for local produce, a learning kitchen together with a hydroponic room.