The project is located at Lohavn, the last part of the development in Bjørvika, and is planned to contain 46 000m2 of office space, 127 000 m2 housing and 25000 m2 for hotel/culture.
The first task of the project was to develop a new urban form for the site. The promenade was split into two parts to maximize the contact between water and land. The site was further divided between two urban fabrics, the long building piers close to the water and townhouses towards the road. The town- houses are raised up to accommodate parking for the entire site underneath and close to the road. This makes the promenade a shared space focusing mostly on pedestrians and cyclists.

The next phase of the project was to design a multi functional timber structure within the urban plan. This project is a proposal for a new hotel located on the north side of the water plaza. In order to activate the streetscape the hotel also contains a cafe, restaurant, a bar together with two conference rooms. The hotel contains 86 separate rooms that can in some cases be connected together in order to accommodate larger groups.

Main construction for horizontal loads consists of cross laminated timber situated on top of a system of glulaminated timber beams and columns. Vertical loads are taken up by two elevator shafts made out of concrete.